What is a long-haired frog? You can only imagine the best and newest wet animals! They jump, jump, climb, beep and filter feed! Do not use sponge frogs for cleaning, or you will get sick Sponge frogs are native to the earth and live mainly in water. They mainly feed on filtration and insects. The fishermen said they were lucky, but the fishermen were often wrong. If you want to help this endangered amphibian, you can spray the garden all the time every day and create swamps, swamps or swamps, which is the family's favorite. Bring joy to the public, start going crazy today


(Don’t play with kids, don’t leave Spongefrog in it)

You don’t need a Kenyan prince to make a fortune, you just need Spongefrog to bring you royal wealth!

When you adopt Sponge Frog from this website, you will get a free lily room and a free biological description and ID card! The unique baby sponge frog will always be your envy. Become a cool man (tm) today and own a sponge frog (and then put them in the wild because they are in danger of extinction)

Remember not to use soap on sponge frogs, otherwise they will get sick, and then I will call the police myself


The sponge frog can take a bath! Please give me clean water, thank you! Don't leave them in the water for more than a moment, because they are prone to mold and everyone hates them, so don't! Spongefrog likes to make you smile at the lilypad booth. Take them swimming just for special entertainment time. Your sponge frogs should live many years, write them in your will, why not do it, crazy animals?

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Click the link for more information on how to have spongefrog! Use #SpongeFrog labels tell your friends! Thank you to protect this rare and beautiful animal aspects of support.

Artist Statement

Hello everyone! It's me, Maranda Cromwell, the mastermind (citation needed) of Spongefrog. My usual work is a lot less goofy, I promise! Check out my website for more colorful expressive animal paintings: www.Marandart.com
An artistic journey takes one many places, and in my recent efforts to be truer to myself and my inspirations (however strange they may be) I have come to the place of Spongefrog. Now, the spongefrog in all their nebulous forms (website, sculpture, drawing) have taken their place as my first foray into a diverse multimedia exploration of capitalism, bootleg products, internet culture, and the idea that things "bad on purpose" are just as valuable and interesting than other "serious" art pieces.
Thank you for joining me in this silly thing-- I hope you saw and enjoyed the almost week of "shit posting" as a form of 21st century viral marketing. I hope at the very least, you had yourself a giggle. Nowadays, I've come to believe it's exactly the right time to be the most free, least ashamed, totally unabashedly strange version of yourself. Spongefrog is yet another strange facet of my often indescribably weird art career.